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University of Pisa TLC Network Research Group

The University of Pisa research unit is composed by some people of the NetGroup coordinated by Rosario G. Garroppo. The people currently involved in the project are (in alphabetical order):

  • Nicola Bonelli (Research assistant)
  • Rosario G. Garroppo (Faculty) - Coordinator
  • Stefano Lucetti (Post-Doc researcher)
  • Giuseppe Risi (Research Assistant)
  • Luca Tavanti (PhD student)

Current Research Activities

The Research Unit of Pisa will contribute to all project work-packages and specifically to the following TASKs.


In the framework of WP1, the Research Unit will be involved in Task T1.1 and Task T1.3. In particular, the activity related to Task T1.1 will be the simulation study about the ability of 802.11e networks to guarantee the quality parameters required by modern Multimedia over IP (MoIP) services, for different values of network load. These studies aim at identifying the current limits of 802.11e networks and at defining Admission Control (AC) algorithms able to reject new service activation requests when the network is close to saturation.
In the framework of Task T1.3, the objective of the Research Unit is to develop scheduling algorithms driven not only by the transport service requirements of the applications, but also by the quality of the radio link towards all the stations associated with the Quality-aware AP.


The Research Unit is involved in the activities belonging to Task T2.1. In particular, the goals of these activities are related to the investigation of security aspects applied to wireless access networks based on 802.11 technology, and to the definition of an architecture for security guarantee and management of the procedures AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting), by means of the IPSec protocol.


The Research Unit will be involved in two activities oriented to the integration in the national test-bed of two prototypes. The first one is related to the integration of the support of AAA procedures and security, by means of mechanisms based on IPSec. The second one is represented by the Access Point Router powered by a channel aware scheduler.

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